Why #Staycation with Brighton Getaways?

With the recent flight restrictions in Europe and the USA, UK residents are concerned about what they can do for a break or holiday this Easter and beyond. We can help and currently Brighton & Hove is completely open for business. At Brighton Getaways we have lots of great properties available for you to enjoy your #staycation but why stay with us?

“With standards of hygiene as rigorous as any top hotel, but without the need to leave the room daily and mix with others, either to eat or to vacate the room while Housekeeping sweeps through, serviced apartments offer both privacy and the freedom to live in comfort.

Guests with in-apartment kitchens can manage their own food and drink, sending out for groceries or bringing their own supplies if they don’t want to risk coming into contact with the virus, making sure that way they have some control over their own health and wellbeing – but with help on hand if they need to call for in-house services.

They are free to keep their surroundings, their clothes, linens and kitchen equipment, as clean and disinfected as they might at home, without anyone else coming into their space unless they invite them”

And they have the chance to relax in the additional space an apartment offers over most hotel rooms.”

James Foirce – CEO – The Association of Serviced Apartment Operators

See you in Brighton & Hove soon.


Written By

Steve Taggert – Managing Director – Brighton Getaways 16th March 2020

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